Cassi and Luis met off on a dating app and made plans to hang out the very next day. She had to get her car’s AC fixed and he offered to be her ride back into Reno.

“We ended up getting Dutch Bro’s, walking around the Marina, and having dinner with my parents. Our personalities matched so well and we hit off easily.”

Cassi: “What I love about Luis is that he is hardworking, caring, and a family man. He can always make me laugh even when I’m mad at him. I love that he always tries his hardest to make everyone around him happy. He puts everyone above himself and you can tell he truly cares. He is super sweet to everyone, regardless of who it is. I love that he never sees the negative in a situation and is always looking for the positives and that helps me because I’m the complete opposite.”

Luis: “I love the that she’s really caring. She pays a lot of attention to detail. She always check to see how my day is going. Always checking up on me making sure I’ve ate. But most importantly her persistence. Her drive to keep going even when everything’s going bad. I love how she carries herself as the beautiful woman she is.”

They are expecting to welcome Baby Viviana this spring! Congrats to the new parents<3