Branding Spotlight: Mik Warner


“I have always been an incredibly creative person, grew up as a full time competitive dancer, took singing and action lessons year round, took every summer art class I was able to sign up for etc. but when it came time to go to college and educate myself on a future career path, I was immediately told that creating doesn’t make a living. So for two years I stopped doing anything artistic really and focused on school. Although I love learning and actually really enjoy the school environment I was the most unhappy I had been in my entire life because I wasn’t allowing myself a creative outlet to release all my built up energy. After moving back home after school I was surround with the original environment that used to inspire so much for me everyday growing up and it started coming back to me. After creating just for fun on my social media accounts and shouting out brands I loved in my personal blog, I was actually approached by the co-founders of one of the companies I ambassador for now about the opportunity to create content for their brand. She loved my style and it definitely fit their brands vibe 100% – that was definitely what sparked my confidence and showed me that creativity and success can and do go hand in hand. Since that initial message, I am now partnered with 4 major brands and many local businesses in South Lake Tahoe to help promote their products and services I truly love and it has been such a fun journey!” – Mik