Sexy Warm Boho In Home Session

September 23, 2020

Love is never one size fits all. It is constantly challenging each other’s growth and potential while improving upon your own.

I asked Shelbs + Evan what their best relationship advice is for everyone and here’s what they said:

“Love is not about finding someone who completes you. It’s also not about being 100% as a person before finding someone. Because we are never 100%, whether we’re in a relationship or not. We’re always evolving as people, so we believe it’s about finding someone who brings out the best in you WHILE you grow.

Being connected to someone who celebrate your wins and also has patience during the shortcomings. Someone who still sees beauty in your flaws and reminds you that you are enough. The person you can just laugh and feel a peace around. We have experienced highs and lows like every relationship has, but we understand that it’s a part of the journey as we grow both together and individually. And that deep-rooted love is what makes it all worth it.”
Models: @shelbywilburn_ @e_fave
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