Shelby Wilburn has been a friend of mine since Freshman year of college when we met in dance. We have stayed in contact and really supported each other as we grow in to the young female entrepreneurs we are! I love watching her succeed and find herself. Her new website and business launches Nov. 15th and I could not be more pumped to keep helping her create content! Keep an eye out for her work!


I asked her to tell me how she started on this journey and what her story is! Here’s her response:

“I’ve had a passion for doing creative work FOREVER. I tried in the past few years to collaborate and do projects with friends, but they never were quite as committed to seeing them come to life as I was. When I moved to NYC, I started to feel so creatively inspired by all the environments and events around me. Pairing this with my work experience in account management, I realized I love working with people and some strengths of mine are brainstorming/strategy/creative thinking. All of this combined, I told myself 2020 was the year I would stop freaking lying to myself and saying I didn’t want to be a creative entrepreneur! Right now at my job I’m helping organize and lead programs with Nike, Pepsi, TJ Maxx and so many other organizations. While it’s fun to work with them, I want to help other people in my communities who have dreams bring them to life. So I recently started business coaching and I’m getting my butt in gear to have my business live by the end of the year!”