What I’ve Learned About IG and Business

June 27, 2019

I hate to admit it, but Instagram is one of my main sources of gaining leads.

If IG didn’t exist, I’m sure my business would have a much harder time flourishing.

Every other lead I receive– if not more, comes from that pesky social media app.

I have a very strong love/hate relationship with it.


These are the main things I can give you in order to optimize your ROI using Instagram. These are all actions I use on the daily. I’m going to be very transparent, some times they work and sometimes they flop.

IG is ever changing and they love to mess with the formula.

Learning quickly is key.


  1. Instagram is a social platform— Keep it social. Instagram creates its features to be used not ignored. Therefore, the more you use the features it offers, the more engagement you will have.
  2. ENGAGE- like I said, keep it social! DM people. Comment on their posts. Reply to stories. Post stories. Make friends! This will boost your engagement.
  3. Use the analytics it provides in order to know how your followers normally engage with you.
  4. Hashtag! So many of my clients find me via hashtags. They search for #renophotographer #laketahoephotographer #renoweddings and so on. They work! Keep em coming.
  5. Write creative captions that initiate engagement with your followers and give them a call to action.
    • Use this: Open with a hook, add some body that includes 2-3 sections of interesting and engaging content (education or advice works best–make it relatable), finish up with a call-to-action!
  6. This is the MOST IMPORTANT! Plan your content and posts ahead of time. This will save you a ton of time and stress and allows you to make sure your grid remains gorgeous and high quality!


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