Reasons to Elope

June 25, 2019

The more that I work weddings, the more I love attending them, and the less I want to have my own.

I truly want to elope.

Eloping is so much more intimate and more about the couple then it is about the family members involved.

I came up with a bunch of reasons why I feel like eloping is better and more satisfying to actually meet your marriage goal needs.

In my opinion, weddings cost a whole arm and a leg that could be spent on a fancy vacation in Bermuda and backpacking in Europe.

I live for the everlasting adventure and not for the short thrill!


Check out why I find eloping to be the best idea:


  1. Elopements allows the experience to be sacred and unique to just the people involved. It longer remains a public show for everyone who feels the need to be invited to an expensive wedding. It is exactly what it should be, a sacred bond between 2 people and their reason they want to unite their lives, and that is so special.
  2. Getting eloped is way more authentic. Your marriage ceremony seems as though it is truly happening for all the right reasons. It is about being in the moment and not stressing about planning and pleasing.
  3. They are intentional. Period. It is about nothing more than your love and your shared purpose.
  4. Ain’t nobody got time for that family crap! It is not about them and their needs. It is about you!!!!! Also, why should they get to drink free on you?! You have no good answer for that question!
  5. As I mentioned above, it is so much more important to me to travel and spend money in ways I truly want to, instead of wasting it on one big 5 hour party where your Aunt Sarah hooks up with a groomsmen in the venue bathroom. Elopements are for those that want to live and know wonderful experiences and adventures over things.
  6. STOP STRESSING…about money, planning, and other peoples happiness affiliated with your wedding! Just stop!
  7. Lastly, this is the biggest one for me and the one I have personally considered when I think of my own elopement. I want to have a KILLER photog capture my marriage. I want to have an adventure and come out of the experience in awe of the images that were created that day. Hiring an incredible elopement photographer is a top priority to me and would legitimately take my whole wedding budget, and I am OK with that. Memories fade, but pictures tell a thousand words and bring you back to that very moment every time.


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Comment your reason for an elopement below!