Posing Prompts and Creating Motion in Imagery

June 24, 2019

If you’re a photographer,

you know that some times it is near impossible to get a couple to feel comfortable and let loose in order to capture images of their true authentic love.


I recently had this experience with a couple I had met once before. This couple was very adorable, but you could tell they were both very reserved and never really let themselves let loose.

I would give them prompts and they would rarely crack a genuine smile. I thought I was failing as their photographer. But honestly guys, it’s all about the energy you bring.


You must let them know by your tone and actions that it is OK to let loose and have some fun. So that’s exactly what I did!

These prompts and actions helped me get true emotion out of them and let them know that they could be silly and they could be theirselves even if others were watching.


While I am not going to spill the beans on all of the prompts I use, these are my favorites that tend to work best on getting people to feel relaxed.


These break the ice.


  • I have the couple look in to one another eyes and then I have either of them lean in and whisper breakfast cereals in their sexiest most sultry voice. This normally causes the other to laugh! To make this moment more serious and sweet, I tell one partner to whisper their favorite memory or one thing they love about their partner. This allows you to capture a truly private and meaningful moment that they will be sure to remember.
  • Another good one is to have the couple face one another straight on, hug one another close and put their foreheads together with their eyes closed. I like to tell my couples to take in the moment and breathe in sync with one another. This, too, is a very sweet and genuine moment to capture.
  • For more actions, I usually tell my couples to play tag and chase one another around for a couple minutes. This leads to true laughter and childish fun. These images are normally my favorites, full of action a motion.
  • For more movement, I tell my couples to lift one another on piggyback and spin around and try to knock the other off their back. This gets really playful and my couples love this one.

Lastly, this is my FAVEEEEEE

  • TICKLE FIGHTS! Of course, this only works when one or both people are ticklish. I have yet to meet a couple where neither is ticklish. This is fun, because I get some of the most genuine laughter from this     prompt and it causes a battle between the two which is really fun to capture on camera. Couples love these images most because they are laughing honestly.


If you need more ideas for posing and prompts, check out these awesome resources:
India Earl’s Posing Workshop
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What other prompts do you guys use with your couples? Comment below!