How I Blog My Images Using BlogStomp

June 23, 2019

BlogStomp is another one of those programs that KICKS ASS and saves my ass daily.

When I first started up my website, I had no idea that image file size could slow down my site. I continued to upload full size RAW images and wonder why in the heck it took 7-10 minutes for one blog post to load all of my images. It wasn’t until I spoke to my friend Bridgette, who had had a bit more practice with the platform and host site that I realized why my website was so slow. This is not the knowledge that comes readily packaged for you when you dive in to website creation.

For me, it was all trial and error and a lot of research!

Bridgette introduced me to BlogStomp and my life changed! BlogStomp is great for so many reasons, but these 2 are the ones that sold me:

  1. It helps with your SEO on your website by helping you name your images specifically to what event you shot and that way if people try to take your image, the image is titled according to you. SEO guidelines normally prefer to have specifically titled image for search purposes and SEO rankings as well.
  2. It compresses your image file size to help with website speeds with out lowering and losing out on the original image quality. My blog pages now load in a minute or less.


Can you believe one simple program can do all of that??

In this video I go over the very basics of the software in order to create a beautiful and quickly run blog page!


BlogStomp is such a versatile tool that allows you to drag and drop and rearrange images for a blog, save space on your website, crop images, save yourself time, and create custom layouts for a gorgeous website.


Some tips to remember:

Command+Click – Adds 2 images side by side in the Freestyle section of BlogStomp

Settings + Output – Allows you to title each image file per occasion


Do you have any questions relating to this program? Comment below!