Enneagrams and Mental Health

June 13, 2019

Hi Guys!

I’m gonna switch things up a bit and start adding a personal element to my blog. I love telling you stories and teaching you about photography tips so much! I never thought I would love being an educator, but I’ve proven myself wrong. However, I am finding that I want to share more of myself with you all. I want to tell you all the other things that light my fire and make me wake up and do each day!

I would consider myself a fairly resilient person. I have dealt with my fair share of trauma and heart ache and I find that I still come out on the more positive side of things, always finding new ways to improve in life!

This last month I have experienced some shittttt. I do not say that lightly. I had a lot go on personally that really pushed me to question my happiness and place on this Earth. With that being said, I quickly found a way to remain positive and find the brighter side of things. One thing I discovered that has truly helped me is learning about my personality type and how that affects my behavior, reactions, and place in this world.


I took a test from the Enneagram Institute to determine my personality characteristics in order to better myself and the way I handle trauma.

If you are like WTF is that? I will explain briefly. An Enneagram is basically a model of the human psyche drawn as a 9 point symbol representing a range of fixed personality types. Enneagrams encompass the human psyche, spirituality, and somatics that tell us about our overall integration and embodiment of who we are as individuals.

Photos By Enneagram World

The Enneagram is broken in to 3 separate centers of intelligence and perception: the body, the heart, and the head.

Each has their own unique set of characteristics, and I can get more in depth on that in a later post, but for now I want to tell you about me!


I am an 8!

Chelsea Handler is also an 8, so by default I am pretty much famous!

From what I have learned about myself, I am a challenger and protector.

When I am the best version of myself, I am strong, assertive, resourceful, independent, determined, action-oriented, pragmatic, competitive, straight-talking, shrewd, and insistent.

When I struggle, I am blunt, willful, domineering, forceful, defiant, confrontational, bad-tempered, rageful, cynical, and vengeful.


I have never agreed more with statements relating to who I am.


Reading this summary really hit home to me about who I am, “Eights present a tough, independent image to the world, but under their bravado and layers of armor, there is vulnerability and fear. Eights are affected by the reactions of those closest to them far more than they want to let on. They often expect that others will dislike or reject them, and so they are profoundly touched, even sentimental, when they feel that someone they care about truly understands them and loves them. Eights may learn to harden themselves against wanting or expecting tenderness, but they are never entirely successful. No matter how tough, even belligerent, they may become, their desire for nurturance and connection can never be put entirely out of consciousness.”


I often lack the skills to be vulnerable and feel. I hide behind false emotions and put up a huge front or none at all and let my emotions and anger get the best of me.


This was critical in identifying weak points for myself that I fail to see normally. I am in the process of using this information to better myself and find strength in who I am an can be.


If you’re interest in learning more about 8’s check out this page.


If you took the quiz, comment below what type you are?