Editing Using Honey Preset

June 7, 2019

Lightroom is the best thing since sliced bread!


Editing in Lightroom can be super tricky at first. I posted a blog a couple weeks ago going over the basics of shortcuts for the program.

In the video below, I go over using one of my favorite presets by India Earl called Honey.


Honey is also the greatest thing since sliced bread and it spreads even better on it!


I personally have developed and used my own style of editing, but some times it is nice to use a preset that allows your work to be more consistent and keep with a certain vibe.

A preset is basically a bunch of pre-programmed selections to apply over an image uploaded in to Lightroom.

Honey is great because it is a very versatile preset introducing a ton more options to tweak the image over your normal preset. Honey comes loaded with 9 modifiers that add the the preset. These include: Crusher, Film Dream, Dark AF, Blue Boost, Green Boost, Orange Fixer Upper, Bright Lights, White on White, Cool Down. It also has additional features including: Grain +/- or Grain Honey, Level, and Lens Correction.

To break these down further:

Crusher- crushes the whites and gives the image a creamy look

Film Dream- adds a soft film look the the image and mutes the tones

Dark AF- brightens a darker image

Blue and Green Boost- boost those specific saturation’s of those colors in the image

Orange Fixer Upper- works well to adjust orange skin tones and neutralize those and the image

Bright Lights- is best used for images with flash or brightness to add a Polaroid feel

White on White- this accentuates the difference between the highlights and whites in the image to add a pop.

Cool down- cools down the warmth and orange tones in the image


So, as you can see it is very versatile.

Below, I show you how I use the preset, how simple it is, and why it is such a game changer in your editing process.


Comment your favorite presets below!