First Client Inquiry Questionnaire

May 1, 2019

Getting to know your clients is one of the most important things you can do!


You should always build these in to your workflow.


I personally use Honeybook to manage my client interactions. It is great because it comes pre-loaded with standard questionnaires to include while getting to know your clients needs. As I got more comfortable, I added in my own questions and changed up the old so that more of my personality came through to my clients. I was also able to learn all the nitty gritty I needed to do my job to the best of my ability! It let’s my clients know that I want them to have a personalized experience and that I truly care about their time with me.


First Inquiry Questionnaire

Full Name:

Partner’s Full Name:


Phone Number:

Let’s get together for:

      • Couple/Engagement Shoot
      • Elopement
      • Local Wedding
      • Destination Wedding
      • Portraits
      • Other

Event Date (If Wedding, If not put N/A):

Estimated Guest Count (If Wedding, If not put N/A):

Estimated Budget:


If you have a Instagram, I would love to see it to get an idea of your own personal style!:

Tell me all about you and what makes you unique! What are you looking for in our time together? Is there anything you would like me to know?:

Where are you at in the deciding process?:

      • We want you!!!
      • Just shopping around

Are you…?

      • Introverted
      • Extroverted
      • Both

How did you hear about me?

Would you prefer me to…?

      • Text
      • Call
      • E-mail


Note: Notice how at the end I added in more personal questions. For me it is very important to scope out somebody’s social presence to get a feel for who they are. I don’t ever want to take on a client I do not feel I will mesh well with! That is also the reason that I added in the Introvert vs. Extrovert question. I prefer to work with those that are going to be extroverted and ready to be silly. Both of these things can give me some hint to how uptight or relaxed a client may be as well. I added in the question about shopping around or ready to commit so I know who I am dealing with up front–a bargain shopper or a serious inquiry ready to invest in themselves.


Once they commit, I send ’em my client questionnaire that allows me to get to know them more! Check out my example here.



Comment below your favorite inquiry questions to ask!