Explaining Investment

April 25, 2019

Photography is an investment.

An important one at that.


You want your clients to know that they shouldn’t skimp on photography for their wedding because you are documenting their story. That day can never be captured again and it is a big job and an important one.


This is what I tell my clients to really share how I feel about photography as an investment:


Investment can be a scary word.

Who even has the money to invest, am I right? But I promise, I want to make this investing experience the best it can possibly be for you. I want investing to be exciting!

If you’re looking around for a photographer who will show up and pose you for the typical-awkward-staged smiling photos, we might not be the best fit. I am all about the nitty gritty and the in between moments that reveal who you truly are.

Of course I will guide you in the right direction and I pinky swear that I will make the experience something to remember from the first e-mail to the final delivery. I understand how nerve racking it can be to be vulnerable in front of a camera and to let the real you shine through; if you put your trust in me, I promise I’ll take care of the rest. You may not think that you take good photos, but I promise by the end I will prove you wrong.

I want to capture the silent, loud, and blissfully unplanned moments. If you are the type of person who is energized by chasing sunsets, muddy shoes, dancing in the rain, fresh mountain air, wind blown hair and you’re down to venture out a little further than we are speaking the same language and I would LOVE to work with you!

It’s also totally OK if that is not what you are looking for, because you deserve to have a photographer who’s perfect for you too!

Planning can be stressful and it may be hard to recognize at the time, but photography is truly the only thing that lasts past your wedding day. I totally get it, budgeting can also be HARD work. Budgeting can make a special day seem stressful and heavy on our wallets. I also get how important it is to stick to your budget. If you’re shopping around for the best deal, you might not value what I want to provide for you. I want photography to be an important part of your experience and not something to check off.

We will come out of our time together as BEST FREAKING FRIENDS, I know it! Because I want to work with people who enrich my life so that I can add to theirs. I love people, but it’s more than that, I love meeting those who constantly restore my faith in what is good and beautiful in this world. I know I can offer you a unique experience and capture memories that you will remember forever. I am more than a photographer attending your wedding, I am the person helping check your makeup to make sure it’s perfect, taking shots with you before you head down the aisle, calming down the groom and adjusting his boutonniere, and cha-cha sliding all through the night. The value of your investment will only increase with time as you go back to these pictures and relive the emotion shown in those images.


I make sure that every client reads this to know what I’m all about and to understand where there money is going. It is so important that they know I’ve got their back and won’t let them down.


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