Inquiry E-mails that Convert

April 24, 2019

E-mails are the main point of contact between you and a potential client.


You don’t have many chances to make a perfect impression, so nailing the first e-mail interaction is super important in order to convert.

By convert, I mean, book you! The goal is for them to feel like they know you and that you care about who they are and their story. Because you do. Sometimes it’s hard to make that come across via e-mail.

Let’s nail it!


This is my go-to skeleton e-mail that CONVERTS!



Hey _________!!!

Thank you so much for reaching out and taking the time to write such a thoughtful response (referencing my inquiry questionnaire on my website). I feel like I know you already! I checked out your IG briefly and noticed you’re from _______. First off, you both are ADORABLE! Secondly, what made you decide on ___________ as a venue? It’s an awesome choice. It is insanely gorgeous and has a ton of character. I just recently shot a wedding there and I can say without a doubt that you won’t regret choosing that location. Having shot there previously, I am familiar with the set up and how/where all of the best photo opportunities are. 

I am so excited to hear about this next adventure in your life! I love how descriptive you were when talking about what you envision for the wedding day. I am most definitely not a photographer that likes super staged photos. If you’ve had a chance to peep some of my work, I am always about more natural moments. I too, want everything to look and feel as authentic and true to my clients as possible. Life isn’t posed. It’s messy and unpredictable and wonderful all at once. That is what I aim to capture in my work. While I choose to capture pictures that are warmer since I am a sucker for perfect skin tones, I also love shadows and bringing out the darker and moodier elements of my images. 

To kick things off, I wanted you to know a little bit more about who I am and why I absolutely LOVE what I do! (ALL ABOUT YOU) I’m __________! Most days you can find me either editing, shooting, or out at Tahoe hiking, paddle boarding, running, or whatever the day’s adventure may be. I take my Golden Retriever pup with me almost everywhere….besides the weddings I capture! I am also a graduate student at UNR and half way done completing my MBA. The business knowledge I’ve picked up comes in very handy. I fell in love with photographing couples and weddings because I know I get to capture the most authentic emotions out of two people in love. Seeing true chemistry is what makes my heart be hardest and inspires everything I do.

Your wedding day is an incredibly important day to you and those who you love most. Most importantly, your new hubbie gets to see his future walk down the aisle and smile because of all the decisions he’s made in life, this one is by far the most right. I noticed you mentioned that you both _______________(something they like to do), ________________(relate it to the wedding). Heck yes! It is YOUR day and as such, I want to do your story justice. These are the moments I am so lucky to capture and I would not choose to live my life any other way.

If you want to share the details you have planned and anything else I might need to know, I would love to get back to you with a custom quote that will ensure that your memories are documented in the perfect way! On average my clients invest around $_________ (pricing) + travel for a wedding package which includes 8 hours of coverage with an average of ______ photos delivered per hour. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your date.

I am so excited our paths crossed and I can’t wait to hear more about you and the details of your day! If the above package option sounds like a good choice for you, let me know and I will put together a formal proposal. If you have any remaining questions, please shoot them my way:)

Can’t wait to hear back from you,

Shelby Forman
Shelby Liz Photography



If you go back, you see I read through their response and acknowledged what they were telling me. I assured them that I would make their vision come to life. I also tried to relate to them by introducing myself and I humanized myself by sharing small details about myself.


If you need more e-mail help and ideas, check out India Earl’s E-mail Guides.


What other e-mail responses have you used that CONVERT?