Wedding Reception Tips

April 23, 2019

Dear Bride and Groom,


You made it! Are you ready to party and dance the night away?!

Receptions are SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen start to get a little tipsy and want to toast you both over and over again and you’re like, “we get it already!”, although you know deep down it’s nice to have people tell you how much they adore and love you all night. AND you get to dance! That is EPIC.

Some things that will make the reception that much better:

+ Lighting

I know that I mention lighting like 10,000 times a day, but it is soooooo important. For real! Make sure that the venue is relatively lit up with light stronger than the glow of a candle. In a jam I do have a flash to use as backup! For great lighting I suggest finding a venue with natural light coming in from the windows. For a little extra light and ambience I recommend string lights draped through beams, covering the ceiling (or open space if it’s outdoors).

+ The Entrance and/or Send Off

This can be super cool! The only tricky part is the timing. If these activities are appropriately scheduled in to the final itinerary, they can be MAGICAL!

Some Ideas:
+ Sparklers
+ Confetti poppers (does the venue allow this?)
+ Eco-fetti
+ Convertible car with cans tied off the back
+ Flower petals
+ Streamers
+ Rice/bird seed (more eco-friendly for you hippies)
+ Misc.

For you, the Photog:

  • I write this in to my contracts, but some times the fine print can be too much. Since I don’t want to miss any photo ops I require that a meal be provided for me during the reception. I’ll scarf it down and be right back out there with the camera in no time!
  • If it is possible, I like to get to the reception venue before the guests so I can capture all of the great details. If the venue is set up early on, I can sneak away from getting ready pics for a quick walk around of the reception venue. If not, no sweat!


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Comment what other things you might recommend for your clients during their wedding reception.