Educated Earthling + Grow Wild Collaboration

April 12, 2019

Shop Local.

These days, we live in a crazy world! People no longer really meet in person. Most everyone connects online. Lucky for me, thats how I met these 3 beautiful people.

Yes, we met on the ‘gram! Instagram is the ultimate tool to connect with local creatives and business owners.

So what do I mean by shop local? Well, two of my talented friends (shown below) started their own e-commerce platform businesses. Amber, with the long dark curly hair, opened Grow Wild nCo at the beginning of 2018 and has seen rapid growth and expansion, especially in the local market. Emelia, the one with the strawberry red/blonde hair, started her own eco-friendly Earth focused brand called Educated Earthling in late 2017. She too, is experiencing quick success and growth in the online market. Alyssa is an employee and brand ambassador for both companies and loves being able to be a part of their success and growth.

I asked them both what inspired them to go against the grain and take a chance on entrepreneurship. This is what they said:


  • Emelia, Educated Earthing: “I started because I went vegan and really took the time to educate myself about the animal industry (and beyond). After doing the research I felt like I had been lied to my whole life about everything that’s considered the standard American way of life. I realized that if more people knew about this stuff, then they would want to make some sort of change. Whether that be in the name of their own personal health, or other living beings, or for the planet. I really hope that through my brand I can educate more people by opening their eyes and inspiring change.”
  • Amber, Grow Wild nCo: “I have always been a big advocate for environmental organizations. I started Grow Wild with the idea that I wanted to sell cute clothing and household items in order to raise money for the preservation of Lake Tahoe. I wanted to promote shopping with a cause. I moved here from Pennsylvania 3 years ago and fell in love with the surrounding area quickly. That idea for a cute store, supporting local environmental causes, quickly transformed into a business that empowers and supports Reno/Tahoe creatives and other small businesses.”

If you have yet to check out their stores, they are linked above! Support these 2 awesome ladies! You won’t regret it!

Click the links above and support their causes!