Chimney Beach Lake Tahoe Engagement

Meet Jordan and Max!

I am so lucky two have met these incredible humans! They are so true to themselves and their love for one another and adventure.


We met last October at Chimney Beach in Lake Tahoe. It was sunny and warm –everything you could ever want from a Fall evening around the lake.

They had recently gotten engaged and wanted to celebrate with some new family photos. They also wanted to have pictures to remember Lake Tahoe. I say remember, because they are actually from the East Coast. They are spending their newly engaged life together as traveling Physical Therapists.

They met in NY during their first year of PT school in a cadaver lab of all places. I find that to be incredibly unique and sort of creepy and romantic at the same time! Now, they are working all over the country doing traveling assignments, rotating to a new city and state every 3 months.

They described each other as adventurous and fresh and that was honestly displayed in their personalities and their interactions with one another. I mean, this session was a full on workout if you ask me, and they were up for anything. Rock climbing, playing tag, rolling around in the dirt, the works.

Fun fact about them: they’ve done 2 road trips from coast to coast. Like what? Bring me next time! So fricken awesome. They recommended this route if I ever decided to do it myself.

We decided to celebrate their engagement with champagne and booty bumps and here is the outcome of that awesomeness!

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