Slow Season Activities

April 5, 2019

It’s OK to admit it!

Most of us approach some what of a slow season at any given point during the year.


For me, slow season is winter. That’s because I live in the Lake Tahoe area and we get bombarded with snow storms from November until April or later. This winter has been especially long and snowy. Winter is totally fine, but most people don’t want to freeze outside during the happiest day of their lives. At the same time, they don’t want to spend their whole wedding day indoors. Let’s be honest….no one wants to see those pics!

The only couples that I normally shoot during winter are those that want to go on adventure sessions and snowshoe or ski. I’ve yet to meet a couple that wants a slope side terrain park wedding. Fingers crossed that I meet them soon!

So what do we do with all of our free time during these pauses in business?


Slow season is the best time to focus on YOU.

Let me repeat that. FOCUS ON YOU.


Yep! It is most definitely allowed and encouraged. Did you already forget how insane you started to feel at the end of wedding season?

OK, me too…… we must all be crazy workaholics or something!

So as the dedicated workaholics we are, here are some things to focus on during slow season:

+ YOU Time – That means Netflix and chill. Workout. Get a pedicure. Wax those eyebrows. Set up a morning routine that you can carry on over with you to the busier seasons.  You will need it to maintain your sanity.

+ Build Your Portfolio – Plan and schedule some styled shoots in the snow (or whatever weather your slow season presents). Take advantage of the beauty of that time of year. Check out this blog I wrote about the steps to planning a shoot.

+ Network/Coffee Hangs – Attend any and every local networking event in your area. Meet all the creatives you possibly can. Those people will end up being your closest friends AND they will be helpful to you throughout your career. The people I’ve met at the networking events in my area are some of my best friends now. Their talents are so diverse and unique and I am lucky to know them and watch them grow. They inspire me daily.

+ Refocus and Revamp your Branding – This is the best time to focus on you. Ask yourself these questions: What do you want your brand to say to people? How do you want it to make people feel? What value do you provide to your customers and how can you improve it? Use the time to re-do your website, get a new logo, make your branded statement represent the true you. Practice authenticity!

+ Plan your Marketing for the Year- Learn Google Analytics, track your website clicks, get a Facebook Pixel and learn about the best way to Facebook market yourself. You deserve exposure and you deserve to grow your business to the fullest potential. Invest the time to learn how to do that to the best of your ability.,

+ Set Yourself Up for Success – Get yourself set up with the tools to make your busy season go as smoothly as possible. Add new softwares to your workflow. Last slow season, I personally started working with the CRM system, Honeybook, and it has saved my behind again and again. I also made sure that I was set up to deliver high quality galleries to my customers, so I upgraded to Pic-Time, an online gallery website. Know the tools that will improve your life and cut down the time you waste on unnecessary tasks.

+ Educate Yourself – Take classes. Learn all you can about how to improve yourself, your art, and your business. Plan to attend a workshop. Just learn and absorb.


It’s not looking so slow any more, now is it? Before you know it, you’ll be asking yourself where the time went. So get moving and set yourself up for an amazing year and wedding/busy season!

You’ve got this!


Comment below with what keeps you busy during slow season!