A Brief Rundown on Client Welcome Guides

Client Welcome Guides will change your business!

I swear.

These make the initial booking and/or meeting so much more personal.

They show your client how much you care about what you do and what you can contribute to their wedding day.

Here are some of the topics you should cover and expand upon in your own personalized Welcome Guide:

Welcome Letter

This is self-explanatory. Welcome them to the guide, thank them and tell them why you are so stoked they chose you.

Engagement Photos

Tell them why they should book engagement pics with you before the wedding for another chance to get to know one another before the big day. This also serves as a kind of posing workshop and ice breaker between you and the client.

Wedding Timeline Examples

Do they already know how many hours they want? If not, this can give them a breakdown of what a typical 5-hour, 8-hour, and 10-hour or more day will look like and what all you can fit in to that schedule. This can also help get away from timing mishaps.

Getting Ready

This is a great section to go over getting ready- room tidiness and clutter, lighting, timing, setting aside alone time, boudoir bridal shoots, bridesmaid photos, a morning toast and anything else you think is important to mention around getting ready.

Detail Shots

Remind them to bring their rings, invitations, menus, and any important detail item they want photographed to the time when they are getting ready so you can knock out these important details early on.

First Look vs. Aisle Look

Clients and photographers alike differ on this decision. There are positives to both of these and how they affect the timeline of the day. I will go more in depth on this topic in a later post.

Group Pics

This section is perfect for making sure the couple knows to give you a written list of all of the group shots they want done including individual names. Timing of these is super important.


There are tons of lighting scenarios throughout a typical wedding day including: getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception. It is super helpful to make the bride and groom aware of the best lighting scenarios so that you aren’t dealing with the harshest or dimmest lighting possible throughout the day.

Ceremony and Reception

Some important things to mention here are: Best times to start the ceremony for lighting, having an unplugged ceremony, and telling them where you will be moving around to throughout the ceremony.

Bridal Portraits

The time set aside for bridal portraits is super important, however, this time is up to the bride. Do not force this on her! It is her day, not yours. I adore this time because my brides always tell me that it is the day in her life where she feels the most beautiful. Make sure that she remembers herself that way!

Sunset Moments

This is the most freaking magical time of the day! If you can convince them to sneak away from their reception for even 15 minutes, you won’t regret it and neither will they. Golden Hour + Wedding Attire + LOVE = Pure Magic.

Payment Plan

Self explanatory: Use this section to outline your payment expectations, deposit and refund policy.

What to Expect

Summarize what they can expect from you leading up to the wedding day, the day of, and in the post-phase when they are anxiously awaiting their photo delivery. Transparency is key.

Thank You Letter

Finally, thank them again! Always remember, you have a job because they are trusting you to capture their most important day.

Photo Credit: Allegra Bertani


My goal for my guide is that it represents my personality and style clearly.

Overall, I think the presentation of your guide and the incorporation of your personal branding elements will make this guide completely unique.

Make sure each topic you choose to cover clearly represents your individual voice coming through.

A lot of photographers offer their own welcome guides. Make sure yours is memorable!

Share this with all of the photogs out their in need of implementing a wedding guide in to their client experience. 🙂