Making the Perfect Client Welcome Gift

Welcome packages are so important in creating the best client experiences from beginning to end.

They will make you stand out from other photographers and allow you a chance to show your bride and groom who you are and what level of quality they can expect from you.

I recently started incorporating these in to my first meetings with new clients and the response has been awesome.

I think it is important to WOW your clients! Lets be real, if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have a job or be able to live out your passion.

Your clients are THE REASON you get to work:) Remember that! 

Here are the items I include in my welcome packages and why they rock!


Wedding Welcome Guide

    • This guide saves lives. It helps save you from some disastrous wedding days scenarios. In this guide I include everything from how important an engagement shoot is to getting ready scenarios to lighting and even preparing for the first look. This thing saves me from dealing with bad lighting, messy hotel rooms, and an unorganized wedding day. It helps your bride and groom plan and understand what will help you get the best pics of the day.

Champagne Gummy Bears

    • I like to include treats in each gift because everyone needs their daily dose of sugar. What better way to say celebration than gummy Bears that taste like champagne?!

Mini Champagne

    • Again, this package is to say thank you for booking me! Encourage your peeps to CELEBRATE big time. Tell ’em to pop champagne. I include 2 mini bottles of champagne in each gift so the couple can toast to their commitment that now includes the perfect third wheel…. YOU! 🙂

Custom Candle

    • This is a new one that I will add in to the packages once my re-branding is complete this March. My good friend Bridgette Wuest referred me to the best company. I plan on ordering from them ASAP. Go check out for custom candles. This is nice because it’s a unique branded touch that will stick around for the time leading up to the wedding.

Hersheys Kisses

    • SUGAR will always win them over. Keep it coming! And Kisses are iconic.

Business Card

    • Add this in just for the bonus of displaying your brand again and giving them an easy reminder of your contact information if anything comes up.

Thank You Note

    • This is my favorite out of the whole gift because it adds a true personal touch. You get to share why you’re so happy and fortunate to have been chosen by these bad ass people. Remember, they chose you for a reason. Make sure they know you’ve got their back all the way through.

Photogs, what do you add in to your welcome gifts? Comment below with fresh ideas!