Regan Beach South Lake Tahoe Elegant Wedding

Wedding in Lake Tahoe

When you think of the perfect South Lake Tahoe wedding you’re probably imagining something like this one. A perfect cabin in the woods, 8+ groomsmen and bridesmaids, white roses and eucalyptus, and that blue mountain lake.

Andrew and I met early that day. A parade of men greeted me holding PBR and wearing American flag socks. That was my first hint the day was going to be one for the books. They toasted him with Don Julio 1942 as they reminisced about everything leading up to this day.

Kareena and I met later that day in the meadows where they shared their first look. She had her hair in a loose low bun and wore a gorgeous lace dress that buttoned down the back with cowboy boots.

You could tell how much adoration they had for one another by the little reminders that were sprinkled through out the day. From their vow readings to the small gifts and notes they left one another to open before their first look.

Can we talk about the first look? He twirled her around and smiled one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen painted on anybody’s face. You could tell that she felt like a queen! I want to look and feel that amazing when my day comes!

The ceremony was simple and overlooked the lake and was just as dreamy as it sounds. The reception was FANCY! It started with a cocktail hour where they served all of the different drinks you can find around the lake including the Wet Woody. Waiters walked around passing out every kind of fancy wine and hoeur d’oeuvre you can think of.

I can tell you the best part of any wedding for a photographer is the food and reception. WE LIVE FOR THAT STUFF, and love…we live for love too.

We ended the night out on the Beach, walking and dancing around the docks. Kareena became my favorite person because she decided she didn’t care if she got her dress a little dirty for those killer sunset/rolling around on the beach pics. They turned out to be my favorite ones of the whole day.

Congrats Kareena and Andrew! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.