Barn Farmhouse Wedding at Ferrari Farms

Fish Hatchery + Farm Wedding

This wedding was one of my favorites of 2018.

Not in the sense that everything went perfectly–yes, the rangers did yell at us to clean up the fish hatchery/WE PARTY TOO HARD. More in the sense that I still look back at this day and smile at the memories made.

I met Gina and JT a month before for our wedding prep meeting. We had the best time getting to know each other and I knew then that the wedding was going to be a great day.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding where I felt as though I was Gina and her bridesmaids best friends. We sang and danced to T. Swift as she anxiously waited to walk down the aisle to her future. JT was no different. He was a ball of nerves when I went to take pictures of his and the groomsmen. He kept asking for reassurance that Gina was OK. It was adorable! Really, I think he was asking if he was ok. He wanted it to be perfect for her.

Ok, I’m choking back tears writing this now.

They are one in a million. I promise you that. Not just for each other, but as themselves. They are GOOD people who care for others before they care for themselves. Whats even more rare is that every single person who I met at the wedding, either family or friend, was the same way. I have never felt more loved or welcomed by a room of strangers.

Gina and JT knew this wedding wasn’t really about them. It was for those they love who also love them back.

So they could celebrate together.

Congrats lovers! I adore you and cherish your friendship.